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Your journey with grief

Your journey with grief... compassion over comparison.

We can choose compassion instead of comparison on any topic, especially grief.

Someone is losing a grandparent today.

Someone is losing a parent today.

Someone is losing a spouse today.

Someone is losing a sibling today.

Someone is losing a child today.

Someone is losing someone they LOVE and care deeply for today.

LOVE knows it was too soon for those left behind regardless of the why.

LOVE knows they now move through life with a cloak of grief covering them.

It takes time to adjust to wearing a grief cloak. In the early stages of grief, it’s heavy and visible. As time moves forward, the grief cloak becomes less visible, and yet, it is still there. Most days it brings comfort. And yet there are moments when you return to that feeling of the first day you put it on.

Let us choose compassion over comparison wherever you find yourself and others on their journey with their personal cloak.

I LOVE you. ❤️

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