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Will You Lead With Love?

Will You Lead With Love?

I’ve recently been using the phrase LIVE LOVE a lot on my social posts. It’s sounds nice doesn’t it? It sounds easy as of course I want to live LOVE, doesn’t everyone? The truth of the matter is living love can be incredibly easy, and yet often it’s quite challenging. You see, living LOVE when everything is going well in your life is easy. How about when your world seems to be caving in around you, how do you live LOVE then?

We are in a seemingly volatile time in the world right now. Things are being dug up, called out, and uncovered in a fashion that we can no longer pretend they didn’t exist and or ignore. I’m not that way, so all is good. It’s not happening in my neighborhood, so all is good.

Now, I still stand behind my belief that there is far more LOVE, kindness, and compassion in the world than there is fear and hatred. Often when fear and hatred show up, it is followed by an outpouring of LOVE and kindness. A recent example of this is taking place in Billings, Montana, nicknamed the ‘Magic City.’ The town

Danielle Egnew, met fear with LOVE as she knows there is more love in Billings than there is fear. She had recently lost a mayoral race and had many signs left over from her campaign that said # LEAD WITH LOVE. So, she removed the vote for Danielle portion of the sign and offered them to anyone in the Billings community who wanted to stand with her and LEAD WITH LOVE. She has spent the last few days passing them out and people are pounding them into their frozen yards to show that love lives here.

Now Danielle could have chosen to meet fear with fear, to meet anger with anger, to meet violence with violence. It’s an easy place to step into when fear is knocking on your doorstep. However, she is choosing to meet it with LOVE. I encourage you to lead with love however and whenever fear shows up at your doorstep.

So, what does ‘LEAD WITH LOVE’ mean to me? It means…

You will choose kindness and compassion, even in the face of fear.

You will choose to take the high road, even if the low road is begging you to join it.

You will choose to not blame the blamer, shame the shamer, or bully the bully.

You understand that hurt people hurt others, and with that knowledge you will be able to find compassion for them while knowing they have consequences to face for their actions.

You will honor your own fearful feelings and choose to channel them into helping rather than hurting.

You will be a safe place for those who are vulnerable and aren’t able to stand alone.

You with think, speak, and act from a space that is bringing more LOVE, kindness, and compassion to the world… and that includes LOVE, kindness, and compassion for those who are hurting in a manner they are hurting others.

You will be gentle with yourself and others when fear gets the upper hand, as it will from time to time, and you’ll return to LOVE.

You will choose to LIVE LOVE regardless of what is going on around you as you are a healer and not a hurter.

What will you choose?

Big hugs and much LOVE,


PS – I invite you to create your own LEAD WITH LOVE sign or LOVE LIVES HERE sign and display it so others are encouraged to join. I have one in my window. 


I will lead with LOVE in my thoughts, words, and actions.

Words To LOVE by:

“A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a molder of consensus.”

~ Martin Luther King

“Don’t’ find fault, find a remedy.” ~Henry Ford

“A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did it ourselves.” ~ Lao Tzu

Sounds for the Soul:

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