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Let's get loud

I didn't watch the game, but I watched the halftime show as I LOVE these two ladies. I watched it after the fact, so I was expecting it to be very sexual because of the negative comments.

I personally saw two powerful women owning the stage, sharing their talents, celebrating their culture, and shining light on marginalized people. Singing 'let's get loud' with the young girls was powerful. I LOVED it all.


Kudos to two strong Latina women who use their platforms to speak (sing) up and out.

I will continue to learn and grow on how I can use my white privilege to create a kinder and just world for all.

There is so much beauty in our world and so much messiness.

Very few things are all good, or all bad. While we celebrated athletic talent during the game AND during halftime, I understand that the Super Bowl weekend is one of the biggest weekends for the sex trafficking industry and it a growing industry. It's not even a hidden secret anymore.

Wherever we are, with whatever we have, and however we can, let's choose to add a little kindness in our place in the world. Share a smile. Offer a kind word. ASK if you see a child that appears to be unsafe or report it. Pretending darkness doesn't exist doesn't bring in it to the light. Shining light on darkness is where we begin to heal and become better.

I will continue to learn...

I will continue to mess up, apologize, and be gentle as I grow

I will continue to channel my anger/frustration of injustice into creating more peace as I believe kindness is the way to peace.

I will continue to use my voice for PEACE... and

I will continue to LOVE through the celebrations and sorrows of life.

So, let's get LOUD on LOVE, kindness, compassion, justice, and peace.

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