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Is LOVE Winning in Your Life?

Is LOVE winning in your life? I find it so interesting as when I post about living a life of LOVE on my social media, many people comment on it from a romantic standpoint. Either they are lonely and wanting a relationship or are commenting about someone they are in LOVE with. Romantic LOVE is awesome; however, LOVE is so much bigger than just romance. So is LOVE winning in your life? What I mean by that is what are you focusing on? Are you focusing on be grateful for the people in your life? Are you focusing on being grateful for a comfy bed? The sun rising and shining? Living a life of LOVE doesn’t remotely mean you don’t have challenges, nor does it mean you are going to be in a state of joy all the time. What it does mean is having faith that everything that is going on in your life, yes the icky parts too, is there to serve you not to punish you.

So let’s talk about some ways for LOVE to win in your life and thus the world.

Start focusing on LOVE winning. The media gives you visuals, sound bites, and scary music to draw you into fear winning. Now are there things to be fearful for in the world? Absolutely! I am not saying hatred doesn’t exist. I am not saying terrorism doesn’t exist. I am saying that there are 7 billion people on the beautiful messy world we live on and the vast majority of them are not creating havoc and fear. When you hear of these tragic events, absolutely send LOVE, donate money, volunteer etc…and yet also remember that far more people in the world are living in peace than living in fear. See the helpers that IMMEDIATELY follow the tragedy to step in as LOVE in action.

Start talking about what you want in your life.  Talk about what you want in your life. Talk about what you LOVE, what brings you hope, what makes you smile, what brings deep peace and happiness to the essence of you…as that peace and happiness IS your essence.

Start being courageous in your own life. Get honest with yourself and ask where are you letting fear run your life. Then be courageous and stand on the side of LOVE and go for it full out! I am not saying you will get exactly what you want if other people are part of the equation…if that were the case I would be married to Ricky Martin :), but I am saying going for what you want will get you a whole lot closer than letting fear hold you back.

Start by going back to what YOU have control of. You CAN vote. You CAN send LOVE. You CAN volunteer. So do things during times of uncertainty that you CAN do. However, on things you have no control over, send love and place your attention on living your own personal life in a state of kindness, compassion and harmony. I promise you, it does get reflected out and builds momentum.

Even when fear is in your face, face your fears. Fear only wins when you give it your full attention. Fear only wins when you bully the bully. Fear only wins when you are disrespectful to people you find disrespectful.

Knowing LOVE wins – even if it takes longer than you desire. LOVE WINS when you choose kindness, compassion and gentleness for yourself and others. LOVE WINS when we embrace diversity rather than fear it. LOVE WINS when you disagree with others in a respectful way. LOVE WINS when you choose to see love everywhere – yes…even in the places love seems to have taken a back seat. LOVE WINS when you praise more than you complain. LOVE WINS when you are gentle with yourself…even when you have let fear lead. LOVE is always there, always available and always ready to walk with you on your journey.

Mostly, my wish for you this week is as every week – to remember that you matter in this world and deserve to live a life led by LOVE. I can only remind you, you have to choose to believe it.

Until next time, BE the example of how LOVE wins.


LOVE is my answer.

Words to LOVE By:

“Let us always meet each other with a smile, for the smile is the beginning of LOVE.” ~ Mother Teresa “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.” ~ Oscar Wild “Where there is LOVE, there is life.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

Sounds for Your Soul:

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