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I Ask You for Time

Excerpt from 365 Day of Angel Prayers

Dear Angels, seen and unseen: I ask you for time.

I ask you for time to allow me to change my ‘to do list’ to a ‘to BE list.’

I ask you for time to remind me to take a moment to breathe deeply, and re-center myself into knowing all is well.

I ask you for time so that I slow down and see the beauty in the busy.

I ask you for time to remind me to look up and know I have support to call on.

I ask you for time to be reminded that everything happening is for my highest good, even when in that moment, I am unsure.

I ask you for time so that I can pause and remember that life is magical, mysterious, and miraculous all at the same time; I don’t need to know how it works, I just need to know it does.

I ask you for time so that I can sit a moment in deep appreciation for all that was, all that is, and all that is coming.

Dearest Angels, thank you for your time.

Pick up your copy of 365 Days of Angel Prayers by clicking on the image.

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