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Hug stories - Paul

I often tell people that until you've experienced free hugs, it's hard to explain the power in a hug. That within a brief touch, a quick smile, you can make another person feel seen in the world.

When I started the 1 Million Hug Movement it was to give voice to those powerful hugs, to the stories behind the hugs. Each time I hold my free hug sign up, whether I get 20 hugs that day or 50+... there is often one in particular that reminds me of why I do what I do... that person needed a hug that day and I am so glad I was there to offer it.

I ask the other huggers who join me on World Hugs Weekend or the 1 Million Hug Movement to share some of their stories. Here are a couple of them from Paul.

From Paul:

Earlier this year, I was at the Oregon City Farmer's Market. An elderly woman approached me and said, " I was hoping you were going to be here today, I could really use a hug". So we hugged. As we were hugging, I asked her what was going on for her. She said, " I check into hospice tomorrow." I held her tight for a bit and when we separated, she said, "Thanks, that was perfect", and she walked away. I cried. I was glad I could be there for her that day.

Just the other day, I was at the same market. A young couple approached me with a child in a stroller. The tow adults both asked for hugs and I gave them to them. The youngster said, "I want a hug too.". As I reached down to hug her, she got nervous and leaned away. I told her that was fine and she had a right to say what happened to her. The mom was really happy with me saying that. I waved at them and they went away. About 45 minutes later, they approached again. The parents said that they started going home, walked about a mile or so down the road and the young child started crying because she really wanted a hug. So they came back. She got out of the stroller, her mom picked her up and the three of us hugged together. A smile came to her face, and then they left. Brought a big smile to my face too.

Thank you Paul for being there for people with a hug and also reminding people they can say no too.

Hug count: 51,959

Sign up HERE to join the hug team. #1millionhugs

Do you have a hug story to share? Send a pic and your story to hugs@positive-focus.org and be part of the 1 Million Hugs Movement.

Share a ((HUG)) today... it might just be you who needs it most.

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