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Happy Hugadays!

Happy Hugadays!


As we near another year’s end, my wish for you this day moving forward is to…

Lead each day from your heart.

Be LOVE in action and share a smile, a hug, or a kind word to those in your life and those you meet along your journey.

Be courageous and live full out and be unabashedly you.

Spend your time, energy and resources with people and experiences aligned to your values

participate with people who uplift and support you as you do them.

Send LOVE to those you care deeply about in your life.

Send LOVE to those you are at odds with in your life to mend hurts. Mending hurts doesn’t mean they have to be part of your life again, but it does mean that you have released the hurt and can move on with LOVE.

Send LOVE to those who are hurting right now whether it is because the holiday season is hard for them or they are currently living in harm’s way.

Focus on solutions rather than problems.

Know you are worthy of deeper love, laughter and happiness.

Remember how precious life is and to treasure each moment and the people in those moments

Know that even when you are hurting, afraid, mad, or scared that LOVE is right there with you as it never leaves you even when going through fearful experiences

Mostly my wish for you the remainder of 2016 and every day to follow is to have the most loving, kind and compassionate people in your life and experiences, with just enough contrast to remind you to stay focused on living boldly, LOVING deeply, laughing loudly, hugging intently, and smiling brightly.

Big big LOVE wrapped in a hug from me to you


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