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gone too soon

The news has just hit the social media rounds that Robin Williams, 63 years young, has died of apparent suicide. Millions ache at his loss as we sit in a haze of how and why did this happen. For the next few weeks we will share funny stories of his appearances on talk shows, we will comment about his amazing comedies as well as remember the chills we would have on his dramatic performances.

It is said that he dealt with addiction for years and many are hoping he finds the peace now that wasn’t part of his life. It is being said that most comedians hide behind a veil of sadness in their humor. I don’t have the answers for his passing, nor do I know if his life was filled with more sadness than happiness. Yet I do know that he brought great LOVE, great laughter, and great memories to millions who didn’t know him personally. I can only imagine the impact he had on those who did. Dear Robin – you are gone too soon for us, yet I know you live on in your work, in the minds of all who knew you, and simply live on in a new plane sharing your brilliance from beyond.

It is moments like this that remind us of the fragility of life. Whether someone is gone from your life from death, divorce, or any multitude of reasons we no longer connect with them, allow this moment of sadness to be a reason to let those you care about know they matter to you. Perhaps they are no longer a part of your life, yet they matter. Let them know…before they are gone too soon.

Let Robin’s impact on us not end with his life, yet let his untimely departure wake us up to love deeper and serve better. Let us use this as an opportunity to choose kindness and compassion for those struggling. Let us live in deep appreciation for life, the good and not so good aspects of it. Let us laugh, let us truly live, let us LOVE.

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