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Five Steps to Experience a Year of Deeper Love, Laughter and Happiness

You did it! You made it to another year. Whether or not last was the best year of your life, the worst year, or most likely somewhere in between, January 1st allows a collective new start for everyone, a clean slate, and the idea of new opportunities.

It’s also the dreaded New Years Resolution time. Some joke about it on how quickly they will break them. Others set them and then are disappointed they didn’t follow through, while a small percentage commit themselves to their resolutions and complete them.

Rather than making resolutions, which in the past I’ve kept and broken, I now ask myself what I want to experience in the upcoming year. Here is my process:

  1. Choose a word that you will call upon during celebrations and challenges to keep focused on living your best self. Last year my word was BRAVE and it was a great reflection on my year. This year my word is EASY as I will call upon it when I begin to over think things as well as when I’m celebrating experiences.

  2. Choose how you want to feel generally within each experience. For me I want to focus on easy LOVING and committed relationships, easy and meaningful work, an easy and loving home, easy and growing abundance, easy and uplifting health in mind-body-spirit, easy and fun travel, and easy and magical experiences that exceed what I want to experience.

  3. Once you have a general idea on what you want to experience in the new year,  then get specific on how you want those experiences to play out. And if you don’t have specifics, that is perfectly okay too! Envision how you want to feel with your significant other, how you want to feel in your job, in your home, in your personal development, in anything you want to feel in the upcoming year. What does it look like? What does it sound like? Where is it at? How big is it? How often? Get as specific as it feels good to be.

  4. After enjoying the vision you’ve just created on how it plays out, add these important words to the process: THIS OR SOMETHING GREATER as it allows the Universe to fulfill your dreams in magical ways that you can’t even imagine from where you are today. I am sure just like me you felt at one time or another it HAD TO BE that job, that guy, that (fill in the blank) only to get to the other side of it not working out to a better job, a better relationship, a better (fill in the blank).

  5. Next is letting go. It seems easy and yet can be the most challenging step of all as you are stepping into trusting that everything will unfold perfectly for your highest good. Stay focused on loving yourself and being your best self, yet let go of how and when your dreams will become physical manifestations. Take inspire action towards fulfilling your dreams while allowing it to unfold in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Often wanting to live a bigger and better life requires us to let go of ideas, beliefs, and sometimes people in order to get there and that can feel like taking steps backward rather than the forward movement it is. Be gentle with yourself as life is about the journey as much as the destination.

My wish for you today and everyday is the knowingness you deserve to live a life filled with deeper LOVE, laughter, happiness, health and abundance. You deserve to be in the relationship of your dreams. You deserve meaningful work that makes you jump out of bed each day. You deserve to live in a home that allows you to relax and feel completely safe. You deserve to dance in the rain, travel at whim, learn new ways of being your best self and simply living LOVE full out and being unabashedly YOU!

Why? Because you matter to me, you matter to the world, and most importantly…you matter to YOU!

Until next time – here is to a year that offers you deeper and more LOVE filled experiences than you can imagine.

PS. I would LOVE to hear what word you choose and what you want to experience in the new year so I can hold those intentions for you. And I would be honored to work with you as your positivity catalyst keeping you focused on living the life of your dreams.

Big hugs and mucho LOVE, Carol

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