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Embrace Your Story

Embrace Your Story...

Hugging Cathy Richardson

Last night, I had the pleasure of sharing a story at Voice Box, a monthly story telling event that takes place in the Chicago Suburbs. If you've not been to a story telling event, they are FUN. People share stories to go along with the theme of the night and then after your story is told, there is often a singer/band who plays a song that correlates to your story.

Now the Voice Box doesn't just have any singer/band sharing their talents, it has CATHY RICHARDSON of Jefferson Starship.

I spoke about the power of hugs (taming your inner werewolf) and how they can help tame our inner werewolf who wants to be seen, to be heard, and to know that we matter in the word. I also shared about the 1 Million Hugs Movement and added 44 more hugs to the count.

Our inner werewolf is our fears of not being worthy of being seen, being heard, and knowing that we matter or are LOVED in the world. And my inner werewolf showed up last night as well. I've spoken in front of crowds a lot, but it had been well over a year, and I was super nervous. I was afraid I would forget what I planned to say and wouldn't do justice to the power of hugs. Who knew I needed to tame my own inner werewolf that night.

The other story tellers were lots of fun. Mine went quite well and I had the entire audience hug each other. Then, to top it off, Cathy chose the song Everybody Hurts by REM to sing after my story. I wouldn't have even thought of that song, but it was PERFECT.

If your inner werewolf tries to stop you from following your passion, stop for a moment... give yourself a hug... and remind yourself you are seen, you are heard, and you absolutely matter.

Hug count: 50, 968

Sign up HERE to join the hug team.


Do you have a hug story to share? Send a pic and your story to hugs@positive-focus.org and be part of the 1 Million Hugs Movement.

Share a hug today... it might just be you who needs it most.

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