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do you choose peace?

Do you want a peaceful world? Do you want to feel peaceful?  I am quite confident that the answer to both questions is YES. I know it is for me. However, do you choose peaceful thoughts, words, and actions in your own life? It’s easier to be peaceful when things are going well. How do you choose peace when you are dealing with a challenge? Perhaps you are looking for a job or in a job that you don’t like and you are feeling stressed. Maybe its a relationship that isn’t working out or you are wanting to be in one and you feel unloved. There are many reasons and experiences that create chaos in our lives and that is when you dig deeper and choose to focus on calm, hope, promise, possibility, and LOVE as that focus will create the peace you are seeking.

Right now I’m obsessed with a song by O.A.R. called “Peace.” I listen to it daily, okay truth be told, several times a day. 🙂 The song is about creating a peaceful relationship, and it’s beautiful. Although the song is about a romantic relationship, I listen to the lyrics for choosing peace in all my relationships. “I want love, I want us, I want you, I want me, I want peace,” is my favorite line in the song as it reminds me to focus on what I want rather than focusing on what I don’t want. It reminds me that when I step into fear I’m not at peace. It reminds me when I’m disappointed, I’m not at peace. It reminds me that I want LOVE, which is peace.

How are you being peaceful in your life? Are you following your heart and creating the life of your dreams? Or are you following what others deem is right for you? Are you creating amazing LOVING and fun filled relationships? Or are you choosing to focus on what you don’t like about the relationships in your life? Are you choosing peace? Or are you choosing fear?


Moving forward, I invite you to choose peace by:

Stepping out of your comfort zone and LIVING. Ask yourself what if I was living my dream life? What if I had the ideal person to share it with? What if I was in my ideal career? Get excited about life rather than fearful of it.

Saying quiet please to yourself when thoughts of unworthiness try to sneak in and tell yourself that you have better things to think about.

Mostly, my wish for you this week is that you are love, you are you, you are us, you are peace, and you have chosen to surround yourself with people who see your brilliance in the moments you can’t see it for yourself.

Until next time, babe, we’re only here for a little while – choose LOVE and peace.

CLICK HERE for lyrics to my song obsession.


I choose LOVE, kindness, compassion, and peace to guide me throughout this day.

Words to LOVE by:

“Peace is not not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means in which we arrive at that goal.” ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

“Peace is always beautiful.” ~ Walt Whitman

“It isn’t enough to talk about peace. One must believe in it. It isn’t enough to believe in it. One must work at it.” ~ Eleanor Roosevelt

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know world peace.” ~ Jimi Hendrix

Sounds for your Soul:

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