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Do You Believe in Angels?

My dad died in May of 2006. He was diagnosed with a terminal illness and was given five years and left us within a few months of the diagnosis. I wasn’t ready! I don’t know that you are ever ready, but I knew I wasn’t. It was before I had started Positive Focus and most likely what had me take a deeper dive into the power of positivity and spiritual growth. He was my anchor in life. When the going got tough, Carol went to dad! He didn’t always agree with whatever I’d gotten myself into, but he always was there in full support to help guide me out of it. Unknowingly, I knew I needed that connection to the other side as that is where my dad now was. It wasn’t as if I set out to read books on how to be closer to my dad, but his death catapulted me into where I find myself today. At the time of his death, I was taking my first Science of Mind class. I was

Along with talking to my dad, I’ve learned to talk to my angels too. Just like dad, it started when I needed something or was stressed about something. Now, I try to make it a daily practice to remind them to hang out and show up for me.

Moving forward, I encourage you to start talking to your angels and LOVED ones by:

Being open to believing.  As I said above, I believed in possibilities but didn’t know if they were true until I had personal experiences. Be open to believing and ask your LOVED ones gone and angels to show you signs.

Asking for help. Whether it be a LOVED one now gone or an angel, let them know that you need help and then look for signs that they are answering.

Knowing who to ask. Of course, I talk to the Big U (God, Source, the Universe, etc.), and my dad, but knowing which Archangel to ask for guidance is helpful too. Although I must admit, I often just say all of you who can assist, please do so. 😊 My mentor and dear angel expert friend Sunny Dawn Johnston has a mini guide to the 7 Archangels that you can check out.

Mostly, I want you to feel supported from the angels above and the human angels in your life. The ones who are there to remind you how awesome and deserving you are to live life passionately and purposefully. Just like the song below says… I’ve been talking to my angels, and they say that it’s alright.

Until next time, the angels have your back.

Big Hugs and mucho LOVE,

Carol (and daddio)

I am excited to be one of the contributing authors for a new book, 365 Days of Angel Prayers!  Pick up your copy today and enter to win prizes!

CLICK HERE to read my entry – “I Ask You for Time.”


I am safe and supported with angelic guidance.

Words to LOVE By:

“We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.” ~ Luciano De Crescenzo

“I could not have made it this far had there not been angels along the way.” ~ Della Reese

“Whether you’ve seen angels floating around your bedroom or just found a ray of hope at a lonely moment, choosing to believe that something unseen is caring for you can be a life-shifting exercise.” ~ Martha Beck

Sounds for your Soul:

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