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Are You Ready to Leave Your Comfort Zone?

1st Free Hugs – Jan 26, 2008

Nine years ago, I stepped out of my comfort zone and embarked on a game changer in my life. Now at the time, I had no idea it would be a game changer, but January 26, 2008 was the day my life took on a deeper meaning of connection. And that was connecting to people I had never met through the simple gesture of a free hug.

That day was terrifying and exciting all at the same time. What would people think of me? Would anyone hug me? All of my insecurities of not being enough rose up, and yet, I did it anyway. That day was cold, windy, and snowing. We didn’t get a lot of hugs, but we did get them and seeing the positive impact they had on those receiving hugs made my day. Feeling the impact it had on me, made my heart grow even bigger. I went out there to help others and had no idea how much I ended up helping myself.

I had watched the original free hug video numerous times and wanted to try it, but I was scared. I was not a hugger by nature as I liked my personal space. People who know me now can’t imagine that hugging wasn’t natural to me as it sure is now, but I think deep down I knew people could ‘see’ me with a hug and I wasn’t ready to be seen.

As I send each of you a virtual hug, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone and join me this May for Global Free

Free hugs opened my arms, my mind, and my heart bigger than I could have imagined a simple gesture of a hug would do. Hugs heal. Hugs heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows. Hug someone today… including hugging yourself!

So step out of your comfort zone and SIGN UP TODAY to join me in spreading kindness around the world by a simple gesture of a free hug. Share this event with your friends and let’s let our friends around the world know they matter. As people sign up, I welcome them to the global hug team via my Positive Focus Facebook Lives held each Tue & Thur at 11AM CST. And sometimes I jump on other times to offer virtual hugs. *Although I’d love to see you do a public free hug event, the intent is to let people know they matter, so signup and share hugs that weekend with those you know and love. Just let me know in your registration. 🙂

Global Hugs 2017 – May 6 & 7

Continents: 4

Countries: 11

US States: 16

(currently registered)

Big hugs!


PS: For those of you in the Chicago area, we are doing free hugs Saturday, March 18th, 2pm at Old Water Tower Park (Pearson Ave – Michigan Ave.)


SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO! I’m beyond excited to be speaking at Mike Dooley’s Train the Trainer conference the same weekend as Global Hugs. These people are HUGGERS and it might be our biggest group hug to date!

If you want to learn more about living your life with Infinite Possibilities and do Global Hugs with me, then come, come, come to Santa Fe, NM.

CLICK HERE for full details and to register.

Loretta, tour guide and travel agent extraordinaire, and I have come up with an itinerary to please all your senses of sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell as we visit pristine nature spots and historic city architecture.

EMBRACE CROATIA: 10 days (3 by land, 7 by sea), Loretta, yours truly, and a few of your new best friends sharing an adventure of a lifetime. CLICK HERE for full details. This fantasy trip is limited on size, but not limited on fun. So book now to reserve your upper deck cabin.

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