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are you ready for your review?

It’s that time of year again when we are gearing up for a New Year with excitement and anticipation of what we are looking forward to happening in our life. When you are looking forward to the possibilities of the upcoming New Year, are you also reviewing this year that is ending?

When I mean review, I mean look back at all that took place from a space of growth. I’m sure over 365 days many events took place that made you smile, laugh and LOVE life deeper. I’m also sure there were experiences that made you question yourself if you were doing the right thing or circumstances that made you sad/frustrated/angry/hurt.

I got the above fortune in October of this year and I realize how perfect it is. There have been big changes for me this year as all of the above have been a part of my year. I faced challenges I didn’t want to face, I looked at insecurities I didn’t want to believe existed, and I questioned my own power of being enough for the mark I want to leave on the world. I also deepened friendships and created new ones that are very important to me. I stepped out of my comfort zone far more than any other time in my life stretching my limits only to find out they didn’t break. Each day of 2014 has opened me up, well okay, sometimes pushed me, into living more from my heart than my head. It’s certainly not been all fun and games as being vulnerable is terrifying to me and yet it’s all been worth it. With each celebration and each challenge happiness has been right there. Sometimes it required a few hours, or days, and even weeks for me to see the happiness in the challenge, but it was always there.

I am always encouraging you to live your best life, I didn’t say it didn’t come with some perceived pitfalls to crack you open deeper to a more LOVE-filled and meaningful life. 🙂

Moving forward, I invite you to review your year by:

Knowing that everything that occurred was there to serve you not hurt you. That can be a bit hard to hear when you experienced  and/or are experiencing big challenges and yet please know these events are allowing you to grow into the person you want to be.

Appreciating the laughter, the tears, the LOVE, the heartache, the happiness, the sadness, the expectations and the disappointment as they are all a part of this miraculous thing we call life.

Being gentle with yourself as I am sure just like yours truly there were experiences and decisions that you made that you questioned and/or beat yourself up over. Know each decision you make is the exact right decision for that moment. Each experience you are having is right in that moment.

LOVING where you have been, where you are at right now and where you are going. Get into a space of LOVE of self and others and take that into the 2015.

Releasing what no longer serves you. Just remember to release with love as just because it no longer serves you doesn’t mean the person or the experience is bad/wrong, it simply means you no longer need it.

Mostly, my wish for you as you review your year is to know YOU are enough. You don’t have to be or do anything other than being YOU to deserve a lifetime of LOVE, laughter, happiness, health, and abundance.

Until next time, here is to your happiness becoming deeper in upcoming days and that you surround yourself with others who enhance it. Happy New YOU!

PS – As your positivity coach I would LOVE to hear about your 2014 and help you take the good into 2015 and release the hold of the not-so-good.

Words to LOVE by:

“The C student starts a restaurant. The A student writes restaurant reviews.” ~ P.J. O’Roake

“When it comes to life and LOVE, why do we believe our worst reviews?” ~ Sarah Jessica Parker

“We’re reviewing everything to see how we can do it better, faster and more efficiently.” ~ David Neeleman

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