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Iliana Gonzalez - Secretary, Community Director

About Iliana: Passionate about education, Iliana has her Master of Arts, Education Leadership: Higher Education Administration from DePaul University.

She has  worked in education for all of my professional career in a various capacities from being a teacher to now working for an educational nonprofit organization working with colleges and universities across the country. 

Iliana serves as the President of her condo association, is a Committee Member of the new Latinx Alumni Chapter at DePaul University and has served as a board member for Positive Focus for over six years. She has a natural attraction to working with people, policy, leadership and home organization and decor-it brings as it brings her much joy! In addition to these amazing opportunities, she has the amazing blessing of getting to travel often and enjoy learning about new cities and cultures. When home, she enjoy spending at much time as possible with her dog Sassy, her family and friends and cooking! 

Why Positive Focus:  I chose PF-I think PF chose me! Something about it just called me! I had stumbled upon it on Meet Up and attended one Tuesday Teachings call and it was unlike anything I had ever done! It just felt right! An email came out asking for volunteers to serve on the board and I mentioned in my bio-I'm drawn towards leadership and I knew I not only wanted to participate in PF I wanted to be a part of what drives it! I joined as the board Secretary and have grown immensely. There aren't enough words to truly capture the incredible life changing impact that PF has had on my life. Being a part of PF taught me compassion, hope and how to find my voice. 

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Positive Focus Board Treasurer


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Positive Focus Board Advisor


Dr. Truty is Board Certified in Family Practice and has a Certificate of Added Qualification in Sports Medicine. She has been engaged in family medicine, sports medicine and orthopedics for over fifteen years. A Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine graduate, Dr. Truty is also trained in acupuncture and completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine training program. Her practice, Balanced Physician Care, is located in Jacksonville, Fl.