What is a Positive Focus Ambassador?


Meet Cindy

HUG AMBASSADOR: Guelph Ontario Canada

Languages: English 

WHY PF & HUGS: Cindy believes everyone tries their best each and every day with the tools they were given and ones they have learned along their journey. Her mission is to reach out and celebrate people with hugs, acts of kindness and words of encouragement to spread love and compassion. She joined PF to unite with like-minded individuals and help to reach everyone around the world.

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Meet Loretta

HUG AMBASSADOR: New Orleans (originally Key West)

Languages: English, Italian, French

WHY PF & HUGS: I am delighted to be part of Positive Focus since I truly believe in my heart that the way to change the world is through loving kindness, one smile at a time. My mission, Global Happiness Distribution, is right in line with that of the entire Positive Focus Community, starting with the irrepressible Carol Miller! Hugs, smiles, and kind gestures is what the world needs more of, and I am happy to help bring exactly that!



Meet Paul

HUG AMBASSADOR: Portland, Oregon

Languages: English,




Meet Paul Z.

Event Organizer  - The Work of Byron Katie

Languages: English,

WHY PF:   I love that Positive Focus exists and creates a space and opportunities for people to connect positively, to inquire deeply, and to find inner peace.  I love sharing The Work of Byron Katie with whoever shows up each month!


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Meet Tony C.

Chicago Hug Organizer

Language: English


They are people who are committed to creating a world with more LOVE, kindness, compassion, peace and ((HUGS)) in it through embodying those qualities and through personal demonstration and sharing them with the PF community as leaders. 

They have agreed to adhere to our:

Positive Focus Proclamation

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