1 Million Hugs Movement

                                                    Connecting millions of hearts one hug at a time.

why hugs?

Research has shown that hugs reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and release the feel good Oxytocin. Studies also show the importance of touch helping lessen anxiety.

What I know to be true is it is all that and

so much more. Hugs are a quick way to connect with another person and see hearts instead of hurts.

Join the hug movement creating a world we want to live in one hug at a time.

why hugs?

To  share a moment of kindness

with another heightening their celebrations

and lessening their sorrows.

"Hugs may be silent, yet they speak volumes."

- Carol CC Miller

why hugs?

To take a moment and slow down

to SEE people and acknowledge they matter.

"Let me wrap you in my arms to embrace your joy

or comfort your sorrow."

- Carol CC Miller

why hugs?

To bring global citizens together to see

our similarities rather than our differences

and LOVE each other and the world up.

"((HUGS)) heighten celebrations and lessen sorrows."

- Carol CC Miller

Why I

CHOSE hugs?

January 26, 2008 - I stepped WAY out of my comfort zone as I stepped onto a street corner on a cold winter day in Chicago to offer strangers a free hug. 

I thought I was being of service, I had no idea how much free hugs would serve me.




Are you ready to join a movement that is loving up the world one hug at a time?


Are you ready to move out of your comfort zone and be willing to share a smile, a kind word, and a hug with those you don’t know?


Join our movement of connecting people around the world together with free hugs and be part of adding more kindness to the world one hug at a time.


We see you. We hear you. You matter to us!


About: The 1 Million Hugs Movement: 

The movement began in late summer of 2019. After hugging since 2008,  we know the power of hugs and we wondered what would the world look like if a million people were hugged.

More peaceful is our belief!

So, join us in creating a more connected, kinder, and peaceful world one hug at a time.


How to get your hugs counted in the global movement?

  • Join the Annual World Hug Weekend

  • Hold Hug events throughout the year

  • Share special hugs with us by sending your story, a picture, and how many hugs you gave.

  • Let us know about your hug event and once it's completed, send us a few pictures, a short video, a little information on how it went and the number of hugs you gave. We will then add it to our counter and share your event on our website and social media avenues. 



To become a part of something bigger

than you in creating a world you seek to live in.

To be the ripple effect of what

LOVE, kindness, and compassion can create

one thought, word, action, and hug at a time.

 A world filled with LOVE, kindness, and compassion.

"Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth." 

- Muhammed Ali

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